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20100630 Test Media group   (rp1488)
ali   (bkeough)
anna_pierce   (bkeough)
Art Museum Featured Media   (mwolfe)
Brian Smith's Media Group   (BS756127)
brian_images   (bkeough)
Campus Pictoral History2   (gw234478)
clinton   (bkeough)
Collections exhibit   (dabbatiello)
Corinna   (corinna)
Demonstration 1   (Dressler)
dewey   (mwolfe)
Dewey Signage   (lv831263)
Doc Studies   (mwolfe)
Environmental and Sustainable Engineering   (dabbatiello)
football ford   (gw743)
Gillibrand   (gw234478)
Group 1   (mwolfe)
Group 3   (mwolfe)
Harold Gould   (jb321187)
historic downtown campus   (eb614368)
Infirmary Construction   (gw234478)
janets test   (rp1488)
January 29th Lecture on Baroque   (mwolfe)
joan   (bkeough)
Luce Grant   (dabbatiello)
Marketing and Media   (dabbatiello)
MFA images   (mwolfe)
Milne   (dabbatiello)
Miriam2   (da7605)
New York State College for Teachers   (bkeough)
Outside sculpture   (dabbatiello)
Presentation 1   (scohen)
President's office   (dabbatiello)
President's office   (dabbatiello)
RephotographyMediaDeJon   (dw782326)
rockefeller   (bkeough)
Sliding Racks   (dabbatiello)
Social Sciences 351C   (dabbatiello)
Student Affairs   (dabbatiello)
Summer Soltice   (mwolfe)
Tuesday show   (mwolfe)
UA exhibit   (bkeough)
When We Were Young   (dabbatiello)
william kennedy   (bkeough)
Women   (corinna)
Writer's Institute   (dabbatiello)
Writer's Institute   (dabbatiello)
Writers Institute Featured Media   (mwolfe)
Yunfan   (YZ825331)